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The 5 Day Relationship Challenge with Adam & Aston Simmonds

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Yep, We Said You Could Win A $5,000 Prize!
ignite & unite relationship program
Take The 5-Day Relationship Challenge for your chance to win a place in our exclusive Ignite & Unite Program. 

Ignite & Unite is our most in depth and transformative program designed for couples who want an incredible relationship in the shortest time possible. This is the perfect solution for couples who are time poor and want a quick and effective solution to their relationship challenges.

This is program is valued at $5,000 and places are strictly limited. So don't miss your opportunity to radically transform your most precious relationships and life with this incredible program.

Here's how to WIN:
  • Join The 5 Day Challenge
  • Share The 5 Day Challenge in your Instagram stories & tag: @aston_simmonds
  • ​We will announce the winner by Friday the 13th of January 2023!

The 100% FREE Challenge That Is Designed To Transform Your Relationship

Are you craving better communication, more love, connection & support in your relationship?

Are you currently suffering in silence & you've had enough of the fighting and not feeling supported?

Do you feel like roommates instead of team mates?

We know all too well how you feel because not to long ago that was us to.

The good news is you don't need to struggle alone anymore!

It's time for you to experience love, connection, safety, support and intimacy like never before!


Perfect for couples who are seeking more communication and connection.
  • The secret skills behind a life-long loving and passionate relationship
  • ​How to finally get on the same page and feel like you are working as a team
  • ​The fatal "3 C's" that are causing your man to shut down and not treat you like a Queen
  • ​How to connect to your man like never before & have him treat you like the Queen you truly are
  • ​How to connect to your woman like never before and have her worshipping you like the King you are
  • ​The secret communication skills that will transform your relationship
  • ​Relationship & communication conditioning & how it is preventing you from experiencing deep love & connection
  • ​Masculine & Feminine Energy & how to harness the power for increased passion and intimacy
  • ​The different communication styles and how to use them for maximum love and connection
  • ​And so much more!


"I am loving seeing my husband shine in his masculine and the confidence I am seeing in his presence, I see even his posture changing and our house is more harmonious and calm"

"With this new understanding we have both shown each other more of what we need. I have been really working on showing appreciation and gratitude also"
"In the past, I have been really under appreciating and Untrusting. I have felt like I have to do and be everything myself and have felt exhausted. I know when I move into vulnerability and talk from my heart, not from my head there is instant connection"
"The practices I have learnt have changed my life."
“Thanks so much Aston!! I’m really struggling with these things in my relationship. I definitely need this amazing advice.”
"Thank you for all your help, guidance and wisdom. I really needed this message more than you know"
"Aston genuinely cares about spreading positivity and light."
"So empowering you spoke directly to me"
“ I have felt a lot lighter, positive, happy and confident since starting this program.”
​"Some big learnings here! I have been taught to live in my masculine and have suffered the consequences. The more I move into feeling safe in my feminine the better it is for our relationship"
"We both realised this morning the importance of modeling a great relationship is for our boys"
"We have had some really great chats. I realise just how shut down I have been"
"I learnt how to connect with my husband on a deeper level and different ways to communicate with each other"
“You are such a beautiful woman, and I am going to make more time for your content. That’s not even the right word, it’s your heart. You are such a ball of love”
 "Aston has this beautiful way of just making you feel at ease and relaxed. I learnt something new about myself and so much valuable information"
“You have no idea how much I appreciate you. Thank you for all your help, guidance, wisdom and LOVE”
“I feel so much better within myself.”
“This has been massive for me”
“I’ve learnt to find stillness and tune into my body when I feel overwhelmed.”

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ignite & unite relationship program
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